Food, Food Everywhere

Hi there everyone. Well it’s here, the first page, or should I say the first post of my personal blog.

Yes it’s all about me and the things that affect me in my daily life. Primarily it’s all about travel, growing my own food and cooking. There are other things along the way, everyday thing that will pop into the blogs such as family, work and yes even the news…..

So if you’re not into these things then I’d say pass along as this blog will probably not be for you. Sorry. But better to be honest right from the word go…

If you do decide to stay and pay regular visits then great. I hope you’ll enjoy the trip. Leave some feedback and comments. Help and constructive criticism is always taken note off. If I’m doing something wrong, it’s not deliberately. I’m a newbie. I’m going to make plenty of mistakes and hiccups along the way. It’s how I learn, it’s how everyone learns. So please be patient. Pull up a chair, have a laugh and chill out for 5 minutes.

Hopefully my first main article will be out tomorrow if I can keep the internet up and running where I’m staying in Crete. It’s not the best reception…. but the weather, scenery and more importantly the food sure does make up for the signal loss at times 🙂

Bye for now, or should I be saying kalinikta…….